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  1. stfcneutrons Says:

    Important – STFC Consultation on Funding Priorities
    Reproduced from email to ISIS Users (21 July 2009)

    Dear Colleague,

    Please take the time to read and respond to this email. It is important
    and urgent. Thank you.

    STFC is undertaking a fundamental re-analysis of its funding priorities,
    with a view to laying out future plans this Autumn. This will have a
    direct impact on future funding for ISIS. STFC’s available budget is
    significantly less than is required to meet its desired science
    programme. Hence there will likely be very substantial changes in the

    To inform this prioritization, a questionnaire has been compiled to
    which all interested parties are asked to respond.

    Please take the time to consider carefully your response – and meet the
    deadline of 20 August 2009. Your response will be a key determining
    factor in the future of our facilities. Do not underestimate the scale
    of change that may be imposed for those areas not receiving the highest

    We welcome responses from ALL users – PIs , postdocs and students! It
    is your future!

    With thanks for your input and support

    Uschi Steigenberger

  2. stfcneutrons Says:

    STFC – PALS User Consultation Questionnaire
    Reproduced from an email to ISIS Users (29 July 2009)

    Dear Colleagues,

    You may find it technically easier to complete the consultation questionnaire as a word document – see attached file. The completed form should be to sent to gemma.hall AT


    Alternatively the web-based questionnaire can be found on :

    With thanks for your support

    Uschi Steigenberger

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