This site is intended to provide information and a place to post comments for neutron and muon scientists regarding the STFC funding deficit. If you are new to neutron and muon science, then there is some background information and links on the pages “What are neutrons and muons” and also in the “Media Coverage“.


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  1. Paul Says:

    Dear All,

    It doesn’t look like this blog is having much success, except for carefully-worded community letters, so I thought I’d be the first to put a plain, general comment onto the “news” section.

    This mis-managed shambles is more than an embarrassment, it’s a absolute disgrace. Most of the western world (e.g. USA, Australia, Germany, France, Japan) are pumping money into their national neutron sources right now. The details of why this has happened is irrelevant, the fact that it is occurring is unacceptable.

    The amount of money we are talking about is pittance compared to the bank bail-outs, and coming on the back of the MP expenses makes it a double-whammy. Britain and the rest of the E.U. pledged to have 3% of GDP in science by the end of the decade and news reports in the papers indicate that not much has changed since the target was set.

    Post-docs and PhD students are on short contracts and this will perhaps hit them hardest of all at a crucial stage in their career development. But more generally, how the hell does Britain expect to attract and retain the best talent in the field when one of their primary, multi-disciplinary centres for scientific research is only operational for 3 months in the year?

    Does this also mean that management will be flying economy class like the rest of us?


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